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There are two ways to do that...

1) By yourselves – a few friends with a van...
This choice is the cheapest, and it might not seem to pose any problem, but...
... you have to realise that an average piano weighs between 190 and 450kg, and a grand piano can weigh up to 900kg. It is crucial that those people who will help you move the instrument have enough experience with handling items this heavy, especially on the stairs. Moving a piano this way can go smoothly, in which case you pay “just” for the travel expenses.
However, from our own experience, we know that reality is more often than not different. Several times we arrived on a job and found a piano stuck in the middle of the staircase; the walls were damaged, the stairs broken and the piano was scratched. In some cases, the helpers got injured (most often a broken leg or a crushed hand).

2) By hiring Real Man and Van
All our employees who are sent over to move your piano are physically fit and well-trained in handling heavy items, have enough experience in the field and use only professional equipment.
It is completely up to you which way of moving your piano or grand piano you choose, but we strongly advise you to hire professionals with relevant experience.

Preparation for moving a (grand) piano

After our arrival at the pick-up address, we first take a few pictures, and, in some cases, we write a list of damaged items. Afterwards, we wrap the piano as requested by the customer.

Wrapping service - "standard"

The standard wrapping service for moving a piano includes wrapping all its parts in blankets and fixing them with stretch foil.

Wrapping service - "exclusive"

When moving a piano for long distance, we suggest to wrap the instrument in the following way:

  • 3 layers of stretch film
  • 1 layer of blankets
  • 3 layers of stretch film
  • 2 layers of bubble wrap
  • 3 layers of stretch film

Piano removal

After we finish the preparation for moving, we begin the move itself. The moving of a piano is always handled by at least two well-trained men; if the weight of the piano exceeds 210 kg (463 lb), four men will be needed. When moving up or down the stairs, we use lifting straps which are made especially for this task.

After the piano has been loaded in a van, it is covered with blankets and tied to it's walls by straps; this ensures that the piano does not move during transport.

piano removal old way

packing piano