Real Man & Van - Removals

Office Removals Services in London

An office removal requires thorough preparation of and minimal disruption to the company. You can fully rely on us in this respect. We always plan office removals in such a way as to minimise disruption to your work. If you wish, we can also plan the removal for a weekend or evening.
An office removal is always a very demanding transfer which requires a professional approach. We will arrange for our surveyor to visit your office, this will allow us to prepare a service that will best suit your needs.
You have two options to choose from when moving an office:

All inclusive office removal:

When you book this service, all your worries with the removal are eliminated. Our staff will take care of everything for you. They will pack all items in cardboard boxes, wrapp all IT equipment, dismantle your furniture (if necessary) and wrap it with suitable protective packaging. After unloading your office equipment, our staff can place it according to your requirements. If you wish, they can assemble furniture, unpack boxes and put all items where required.

Standard office removal:

When you book this service, preparation of your items for the removal is up to you, although the wrapping of furniture and IT equipment is usually done by us.

This service includes:

  • Packaging delivery *1
  • Cardboard boxes *2
  • Dismantling furniture (if necessary)
  • Wrapping IT equipment
  • Loading items into the vehicle
  • Securing items in the vehicle
  • Transport
  • Unloading items from the vehicle
  • Unpacking furniture
  • Unpacking IT equipment
  • Placing items according to requirements
  • Assembling furniture (if required)
  • Removing and disposing of used packaging
  • Insurance
  1. We charge £10 (within M25) for packaging import for a flat removal; out of M25 according to our agreement. Outside of M25, you will be charged for the delivery (for details contact us). You can also collect the packing materials from us free of charge
  2. Please find prices of our packing materials here.

Preparation for an office removal:

It is very important to thoroughly prepare all items when moving an office to prevent potential damage in the course of the move. We recommend leaving packing of your furniture and IT equipment to us. Ideal preparation for an office removal includes:


Place all binders into cardboard boxes. We supply boxes of the following dimensions: 45x45x45cm (18"x18"x18").
Always fill the boxes to the edges. Binders are heavy, but boxes that are only half full cannot be placed on top of each other as they will collapse. Never pack binders by tying them together with a piece of string.

Electronics and IT equipment

We recommend packing such items in bubble wrap and cardboard. Alternatively, you can wrap electronics and IT equipment in blankets.


We recommend that any large or heavy furniture be dismantled where possible. We suggest never using tape to seal any two parts of furniture (for example, cupboard doors) together. Tape (except M3) leaves glue on the furniture; this can cause permanent damage in the process of removing the tape. Use stretch wrap to secure the furniture.